Our Story

We had the idea to co-found Mask Bros after seeing large volume deals from the inside. Masks that were bought in bulk for £0.20 to £0.38 were (and still are) being resold to customers for £1.50 to £2.00. We had access to the suppliers so we thought, why not cut out the predatory intermediaries and just sell them at cost price ourselves?

So that’s what we started doing. We’d buy our masks and respirators in bulk for as cheaply as we could and resell them for the same price. After our first 100,000 masks, we realized the only way to scale sustainably was by pivoting to a margin-based model. This allowed us to buy at higher volumes, negotiate more forcibly with our suppliers, and source even more affordable products without sacrificing quality. Mask Bros brings competition and transparency back to the marketplace.

About us

We met at the University of St Andrews where Freddie graduated in 2018 with a degree in physics and where Cogan just completed his final term studying modern history and philosophy. Freddie spent a year working at Google as a strategy analyst before pursuing a masters in software engineering at the University of Oxford. Cogan is a graduate of Marine Corps Officer Candidate School and is set to commission this autumn.